Cigii Large LCD digital Upper Arm Blood pressure monitor Tonometer Meter Pressure arterial Home health care monitor 2 Cuff band.

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According to the “WHO” survey, there are more than 1.1 billion people in the world suffering from hypertension, of which over 400 million are in Europe and the Americas. Diseases caused by high blood pressure are difficult to cure, so in everyday life people should guard against some abnormal conditions related to blood pressure.

You need a device that can monitor blood pressure so that you can understand your body’s daily blood pressure changes.

We are a famous brand from China “Cigii” .It is a professional manufacturer of blood pressure monitoring instruments.Our products have passed the European CE0413 certification and passed ISO13485: 2003 international quality management system certification.

We will make sure you get accurate blood pressure values.

As our company’s philosophy of “health and happiness”, you will be healthier and happier using our products.

Now you will get a free adaptor. In this way, You can connect the power directly. Please leave us message which adaptor you need. In this way, we can save money on batteries.

Prepare for a Reading: Avoid eating, drinking alcohol or caffeinated beverages, smoking, exercising or bathing for 30 minutes prior to taking a measurement. It is also best to rest for 15 minutes before starting the measurement. Avoid taking a measurement during stressful times. Take the measurement in a quiet place.

Use Methord and Precautions:

1. Keep Relaxed before measuring, sit down quietly for a moment.

2. Palms up, put the arm band parallel to the heart.

3. Palms up, keep the intake pipe and the arteries parallelled.

4. Wrap the wrist band around your arm tightly in the opposite direction, paste together.

5. Place one finger into it is the most appropriate.

6. Keep the wrist band parallelled to the heart, palms up.

7. Press the on/off button, keep relaxed and start measuring.

8. High pressure, low pressure, pluse instantly display after 1 minute.

Features of blood pressure monitor B21 :

1-setting button

2-arrhythmia checking

3-Aaverage value function

4-double Users 120 sets memory

5-self-checking of cuff positioning

6-date/time display

7-external Power adapter support

8-display Battery compartment

9-arm cuff


11-start/STOP button

12-date/Time Setting

13-voice broadcast function

Note: Arm circumference should be measured with a measuring tape in the middle of the relaxed upper arm. Do not force cuff connection into the opening. Make sure the cuff connection is not pushed into the AC adapter port.

Package Included:

1 x Blood pressure monitor

1 x Wrist band

1 x Shockproof model

1 x English user manual

1 x Adapter

Papildoma informacija

Item Type

Blood Pressure


ABS+Sensing device



Model Number


Commodity Quality Certification




Brand Name


Power supply

DC6v 1.5v 4 AAA batteries( not include)

Cuff Length

22-40cm, 32-48cm


LCD digital display

Measurement mode

Oscillometric method



Blood Pressure Measurement


Use for

Blood & Pulse


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