ELERA Arm Blood Pressure Monitor Digital Portable Heart Blood Pressure Meter for Measuring Automatic sphygmomanometer tonometer

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This is a type of Digital liquid crystal display arm blood pressure monitor that has been develop for easy and accurate blood pressure measurements for the upper arm. It passed the clinically proven,the data of measuring is precise.And this product has time & date display, convenience to use.You can use it for 2 people,it will memory 2 x 99 memories.Care of your health at all times.

1.Clinically proven accuracy,you can rest assured to use it.

2.USB line,you can use it without batteries.

3.Simultaneous measurement of blood pressure and pulse

4.The operation is simple, accurate and rapid,easy to use

5.It for 2 Users,can memorize 2 x 99 sets of data and time in each mode.

6.Large-scale digital liquid crystal display screen for clear view

An USB line for gift!!!

The big screen shows,Convenient for elderly people

Two charging methods

Record 99 groups of data for two people, Convenient for data comparison, Real-time monitoring of blood pressure.

Usage method

1.Let the bottom of the cuff 2-3 cm from the elbow and make gas nozzle is located inside the arm.

2.The middle of the cuff should be the same height as your heart.

3.①Sit in a chair as shown in the picture, do not lean forward or bend your body.

②Take 3-4 deep breaths before measuring. Relax your shoulders and arms.

Make sure your body is relaxed.

③ During the measurement. Do not move your body and wrist. We recommend that you put a soft cushion under your elbow.

a carrying bag for you.

1 x Blood pressure monitor

1 x Comfortable Cuff( 22-32CM/22-42cm)

1 x USB line( Gift for you)

1 x Handhold black bag(Gift for you)

1 x English user manual


Batteries are not included due to international shipping constraints. You can buy AAA batteries in the local store. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

Use Method and Precautions

1. Keep Relaxed before measuring, sit down quietly for a moment.

2. Palms up, put the wrist band parallel to the heart.

3. Palms up, keep the intake pipe and the arteries parallelled.

4 Wrap the wrist band around your arm tightly in the opposite direction, paste together.

5. Place one finger into it is the most appropriate.

6. Keep the wrist band parallelled to the heart, palms up.

7. Press the on/off button, keep relaxed and start measuring.

8. High pressure, low pressure, pluse instantly display after 40 seconds.

Papildoma informacija

Brand Name


Commodity Quality Certification

FDA, ce







Item Type

Blood Pressure, Blood Pressure monitor

Model Number




Power supply

USB/ DC6V(1.5V Four AA batteries)

Blood Pressure

0-299 mmHg

Arm circumference

22 – 32cm/22-42cm


2 x 99 sets


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