ZOSS latest models English or Russian Voice German chip LCD upper arm blood pressure monitor heart beat instrument tonometer

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2019 latest models German chips !!!!

Because the picture is wrong, the arm band is: 22-32CM Cuff Home Health Care Voice Digital Lcd Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor Heart Beat Meter Machine Tonometer Heart Rate Pulse

The latest style: with, Russian voiceand English voice! ! Welcome everyone to buy!!!!!!

Welcome to visit home health care store,hope you can find the products suit for you!!!

Please pay attention to choose different Models:

Non Voice model: only with screen backlight, easy to read the data.

Voice Model: English ,Russian Voice

1.Dear friends, product upgrade, now has Russian voice,, English voice, , so that the elderly can hear the number more clearly, more convenient broadcast for the elderly to use, to avoid the eyes of the elderly can not see the number

2.дорогие друзья, модернизация продуктов, в настоящее время есть русские голоса, португальский язык, английская грамматика, испанская грамматика, чтобы пожилые люди были более ясными и доступными для пожилых людей.

Features :

WHO blood pressure classification instructions

2 x 99 groups of memory value, distinguish users

irregular heartbeat detection

double unit conversion, universal international crowd

Dual power supply, user-friendly choice

Fan-shaped cuffs, comfortable and flexible adjustment

Time / date display, accurate measurement of time

Large screen display, easy to read

Last three memory average

automatic shutdown, power-saving design

Automatically convert the display color according to the blood pressure value(Green, Yellow , Red)

Russian voice (for choice)

How to use it?

Insert Batteries:

1.Pull the battery cover from the unit as the figure shows.

2.Insert batteries into the battery compartment matching correct polarities”+”and “-“.

3.Put the battery cover back into plack on the main body until it clicks into place.


1.Set user :
Press the USER button or press the SET button a few seconds,a displayed will flash on and off,pree the MEMORY button to adjust,the default user.

2.Set the year:
Press the Set button,a displayed year will flash on and off.press the MEMORY button to adjust year,pressing this button for long ,the digit will increase quickly.

Set date & hour:

Then press the Set button again, the month digits will appear and flash, Again, repeat pressing MEMORY button to adjust the month,With pressing the SET button,the date,hour and minute digits will falsh.repeat adjusting them by pushing the MEMORY buttom.

Set speaker sound:

Then press the Set button again, it will show”SP ON” on the screen, it means the spearker sound is switched on.

Press “M” button, the display will be changed to “SP OFF”. It means the speaker sound is switched off.

When you finish the setting you can press the SET button to exit the setting and turn off the device as well.


1).Do not expose the BP monitor to extreme temperature,moisture,dust or direct sunlight.

2).The cuff contains a sensitive airtight bulb,Treat it with care and avoid any stress by torsion or kinking.

3).Clean the BP monitor with a soft cloth,Do not use fuel,thinner or other solvent,Remove specks on the cuff carefully with a wet cloth and soap water.

4).Do not wash the cuff.

5).Do not drop the BP monitor or treat it with force.

6).Do not try to open the BP monitor, this will make the factory calibration invalid.

7).If the unit has been stored at temperatures below 0 degree(32 degree F),leave it in a warm place for about 15 minutes Before using it.

8).Do not attempt to disassemble the unit

9).Do not crush the cuff.

10).When the unit will not be used for a long time(30 days or more),be sure to remove the batteries.

About us

Dear customers :

Thank you for purchase from us, hope you have a good shopping experience in our store 🙂

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If you have received the products in a good condition, We sincerely invite you could provide us all 5 stars , we will thankful for your support and very happy for your sure, but usually there are may happen some problems which out of our control, so if you have received the item in an incomplete condition, please do not hesitate to contact us, we will solve it timely, and during this time, please do not open a dispute or leave us a negative feedback feel free, that will hurt us deeply, We will appreciate for your understand and support. Thank you again for all your attention . Take all best wishes to you !

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Papildoma informacija

Brand Name


Commodity Quality Certification

3C, ce


1 set




ARM, Arm

Item Type

Blood Pressure

Model Number

Blood Pressure

Model Name

Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor


Automatic Pressurization Mode


as the picture


Backlight Green.Yellow.Red

Feature 2

Heart rate tips

Feature 3

Heart Beat Meter Lcd Display

Feature 4

2*99 Group Data Memory

Feature 5

Russianor English voice

Feature 6

Health Care Portable Home


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